PRAY – Part I

The Power of a Praying Woman

As you reflect on this past week, how many of you prayed everyday for at least an hour?  Ok, forget the hour; did you at least say something before you started your day?  What did you talk to him about?  Was it the same old ‘now I lay me down to sleep’ kind of vibe?  You pray out of habit because you know you should.  But when was the last time you really poured your heart out to him?  When was the last time you prayed like you really believe God was going to answer.  When was the last time you trusted him with that difficult child; that overbearing boss;  or that thing you just don’t even bother to bring up to anybody anymore – not even to yourself.  Let’s be honest, you have gotten lazy in prayer.   Why?

Sometimes we simply forget the power we possess.  We feel He did not answer fast enough, or the way we thought He should, so we stopped talking to him.  Other times, because of fear, doubt or sin, we hide from God leaving us to search for answers in all the wrong places, and all the wrong people.

This is where we find Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) on the second leg of her journey in the movie Eat Pray Love.  She went to India to sit under a certain guru to pray and find enlightenment.  But when she arrived, she found out the guru was in her hometown of New York.  Disappointed, she was consoled by Richard, from Texas, who befriended her and shared words of wisdom like “If you could clear out all that clutter in your mind, you would have a doorway.  And you know what the Universe would do?  Rush in.  Everything else will fall into place.”

As Christians, we too sometimes go searching for answers in people, only to find disappointment.  But unique to other religions, we do not need to run to a prophet or priest to know what God is saying.  He simply tells us to seek him in prayer and then He shows up wherever we are!!  I encourage you to get back your strength and power by following some simple steps:

  • Come boldly before the throne of grace – James 1:5-8  I like the way the Message Bible puts it:

If you don’t know what you’re doing, pray to the Father. He loves to help. You’ll get his help, and won’t be condescended to when you ask for it. Ask boldly, believing, without a second thought. People who “worry their prayers” are like wind-whipped waves. Don’t think you’re going to get anything from the Master that way, adrift at sea, keeping all your options open.

  • Make your requests known – John 16:26-28
  • Declare victory over the enemy – Psalm 66:16-20
  • Testify of His goodness – Revelation 12:10-12

Out of the 1,440 minutes you have today, take a moment to declare He is still God in every area of your life by thanking Him for the victory:

I want to thank you for what you have already done. I am not going to wait until I see results or receive rewards; I am thanking you right now.

I am not going to wait until I feel better or things look better; I am thanking you right now.

I am not going to wait until people say they are sorry or until they stop talking about me; I am thanking you right now.  

I am not going to wait until the pain in my body disappears;  I am not going to wait until my financial situation improves;

I am not going to wait until the children are asleep and the house is quiet; I am not going to wait until I get promoted at work or until I get the job;

I am not going to wait until I understand every experience in my life that has caused me pain or grief; I am thanking you right now.

I am not going to wait until the journey gets easier or the challenges are removed; I am thanking you right now.

I am not going to wait,  I am going  to thank you right now.  I am praising you, even right now!


Love Ya,

Evang. Charmette E. Brown 


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  1. Felicia Taylor
    Jun 04, 2011 @ 18:40:14

    thx for d word looking forward to our next movie night:-D


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